Jan Jancin and AIPLA Past Presidents Award Winners

The Jan Jancin and AIPLA Past Presidents Award recognizes diversity-minded students who, among the individuals enrolled in law school, best exemplify excellence in the field of intellectual property law as demonstrated through contributions to the IP law profession through work experience relevant to the practice of intellectual property law, achievement in intellectual property law coursework, active membership or leadership roles in intellectually property law student organizations, published writings on intellectual property law topics, or other efforts that advance the study or practice of intellectual property law.

Jan Jancin Award Winners

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2023 Jerome Miller

2022 SaiPranay Vellala

2021 Alicia Lai

2020 Sachin Patel

2019 Jie Lian

2018 Bridget  Watson

2017 Alvin Carter

2016 Azadeh Morrison

2015 Sarah  Mirza

2014 Abigail Rives

2013 Joseph Newan

2012 Sarah  Fink

2011 Andrew Sellars

2010 Linda Wuestehube

AIPLA Past Presidents Award Winners

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  2023 Lauren Pittman

2022 Brandon Tuell

2021 Ernest Fok

2020 Dorien Clark

2019 Betul Serbest

2018 Monica De Lazzari

2017 Jason Heidemann

2016 Madeleine Laupheimer

2015 Charles Mitchell

2014 Mao Wang

2013 Qiong (Joan)  Wang

2012 Darren Smith

2011 Nancy Cheng

2010 S. Drew  Wilson